Basket, A2: Trieste passes. Fortitudo-Verona, what a challenge!

Trieste (the first ever), Fortitudo Bologna, Verona, Casale in the quarterfinals 3-0. Shivering cross between Bolognese and Veneto. A race-4 Biella-Montegranaro, Treviso-Trapani, Scafati-Ferrara and Udine-Tortona Trieste, Fortitudo Bologna, Verona, Casale Monferrato: are the first to access the quarterfinals of the playoffs of A-2. All four are able to close the series for 3-0 and will have a few more days to rest, waiting to know the other four qualified. There is already a pair of quarters, which is announced spectacular: Fortitudo-Verona. Biella-Montegranaro, Treviso-Trapani, Scafati-Ferrara and Udine-Tortona will race. In the playouts, Piacenza also wins race-2 in Naples (59-74) and is safe. Roseto instead beats Virtus Roma (84-79) and leads to race-3, scheduled for tonight at 18. Trieste is the first ever to get the qualification.

The boys of coach Dalmasson win the race-3 at the PalaFacchetti in Treviglio with the determination that is suitable for a team that wants to get to the end: 62-82 the final result, game never questioned. The Giuliani immediately kill her, with a partial 30-13 in the first quarter that annihilates the already little hope of the formation of coach Vertemati. If during the regular season he appeared at times under his standards, know that Javonte Green is back what we all know: in the race-3 he played 28 ', billing 23 points with 6/10 from two, 1/2 from three, 8/8 free, 14 rebounds, a blocked and 7 recoveries, for 40 evaluation.High odds on today's free soccer betting tips.

To know the opponents of the quarter, Trieste must wait for the end of the series between Biella and Montegranaro, which after the third game sees the Marches ahead 2-1. The team coach Ceccarelli in front of his audience does not fail, building in the first quarter a nine-point advantage that is enough to bring home the match, managing then to contain the attempt to return Biella in the final. The driver (in addition to the usual Corbett and Powell) is Luca Campogrande, who appears fully recovered after problems with ankle and calf: for him 19 points with 5/5 in the triples. The Poderosa can close the accounts already tonight, in the race-4 at PalaSavelli. Serie 2-1 also between Scafati and Ferrara, which takes advantage of the home game to seize the first win in these playoffs: spiky match from the low score, where the team coach Bonacina manages to keep Scafati at 44 (the first quarter is it was closed 14-6).

Stratosphere Mike Hall: 23 points in 36 ', 5/10 from two, 3/5 from three, 18 rebounds, 2 assists (39 evaluation). Coach Perdichizzi will be incredulous for 12% of his long, which combined with 42% to free and the -14 to rebound has canceled any opportunity to bring home the qualification in three races. There is also Fortitudo Bologna in the quarterfinals, and the victory in the race-3 at PalaMoncada is the emblem of the Bologna training season: maybe it's not continuous, maybe it's not always nice to see, but it never gives up. He suffers, struggles, bends, but always gets up: he leaves aside the frills and looks at the concreteness, which is what matters most for those who want to get to the end. It is clear from the beginning that Agrigento is not dead and wants to fight until the end: with a great second quarter the team of coach Ciani closes the first half ahead of 8 (41-33) and also keeps in the third part, despite the return to Bologna . In the last period the Eagle pushes on the accelerator, dragged by the Italian group: it's Rosselli, Mancinelli and Pini to find the games of victory, but what a struggle! The only qualifier of the group of West at the time is Casale Monferrato, which closes the practice in that of Jesi in a race that probably seemed already decided after the first quarter, concluded with the boys of coach Ramondino forward 17-8.